Gizmo GZ1

1:10 Touringcar 4WD

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Gizmo GZ1

   GZ1 Specs

    2.15mm woven carbon fiber main chassis
    3mm one-piece vertically mounted top deck
    All aluminum parts are made from 7075 high grade spec
    New patented mid motor for 100% center drive train
    High efficient reinforced kevler drive belt for high efficiency
    Gear diff with 35-tooth pulley
    Spool with 35-tooth pulley
    Alloy outdrives
    Front double joint universals
    Rear CVD universals
    Fully adjustable suspension (caster, active-caster, camber, roll center)
    Woven carbon fiber shock towers with multiple mounting positions
    Centralized low weight for optimal performance
    Woven carbon fiber floating and alloy servo mounts
    Adjustable Ackermann integrated into steering rack
    Symmetrical woven carbon fiber wishbones
    Narrow front and rear end hex for minimal unsprung weight
    Woven carbon fiber steering arms
    Treaded aluminum coilover shocks

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