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Dr.Speed Motor 3x13 Windungen GM Racing

3 x 13T

Artikelcode: GM97041

Dr.Speed Motor 3x13 Windungen GM Racing

Dr.Speed Motor 3x13Windungen Graupner 97041 The Dr. Speed series is based on the GM-Racing Cosmic case, with the latest and most powerful WET magnets and industrial ballraces. The High-Performance serrated motor brushes (except 21T: Long-Life brushes) provide optimum power output and high efficiency, and are replaceable. High-performance, more durable brushes (97315) are also supplied, and can be installed at any time when you need longer useful life. The motor head is carefully designed for outstanding cooling and conductivity, and ensures that the motor generates maximum power. The new, more powerful magnets and the special sheet material used in the armature produce enormous torque combined with low current drain. Dr. Speed motors are machine-wound and dynamically balanced at several planes, and can easily compete with other manufacturers hand-wound motors. The German Champion Markus Fost and the A-finalist Marc Fischer have already won numerous friendly racing events using Dr. Speed motors.
The result of their high efficiency is that you can safely operate GM motors with 2 turns less than conventional motors when you are using a GM speed control. Unique GM-Racing cosmic can. Industrial ball bearings. Machinewound. Dynamic balanced. Inc. racing brushes. New Highpowerbrushes for 5 - 10% more Power. New WET ceramik magnets.

The characteristics of electric motors are primarily dictated by the number of winds and the total cross-section of the wire. Available wire sizes do not allow us to produce any cross-section we wish in the form of a double winding. For this reason, achieving a range of motor characteristics requires windings with different wire thicknesses and varying numbers of wires connected in parallel. Multiple windings also help to produce a slight reduction in losses due to eddy currents, and this generally leads to slightly higher rotational speeds. Motor power primarily varies according to total wire cross-section, and is dependent upon the winding characteristics of the wire, among other factors.

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