CORALLY HMX 2012 4wd kit.

; incl. zgan.Ride 36 banden

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CORALLY HMX  2012 4wd  kit.

De nieuwe Corally EP 1:10 HMX tourwagen  2012

Het lijkt erop dat de Nederlandse firma Corally weer een heel doordachte Tourwagen op de markt  brengt die het wachten zeker waard was !

Meest in het oog springend :

- Gelagerde ophanging stabilisator voor + achter (optioneel)
- Alu schokbreker steunen (de carbon uitvoering van de huidige Phi past ook voor en achter)
- Onderste link bevestiging  ( 1 x vast  + 1 x  via shims aangeschroefde deel dus zeer nauwkeurig in te stellen ) (optioneel)
- Zeer smal chassis
- Plaats achterste bodyposts ,(indien standaard carbon Phi schokbrekersteun wordt gemoteerd kunnen ook hier de bodyposts op worden gemonteerd ).



       Optimized design for use with Brushless Motors & LiPo Batteries.
       Core Gravity Chassis Flex by Special Quadruple Bulkhead Design.
       Stepless Shock Adjustment on Super rigid Al 7075-T6 Shock Towers.
       Inward Placed Motor Mount for improved weight distribution. 
       Narrowest chassis on the market, specifically designed for LiPo batteries with additional 
add-on weight slots in the center line.
       Kit includes rear Differential, front Spool and super efficient MIP™ CVD Drive Shafts.
       Chassis, Topdeck, Rear Topdeck, Top Front Bumper and LiPo Battery Holders are all 
made of super high grade, zero-memory effect Graphite.   
       Bulkheads, Motor Mount, Layshaft & Layshaft Stands, Shock Towers, Pivot Balls, Turnbuckles, 
Spool, Diff Outdrives, Spur Gear & Pulley Adapter, Spur Gear Guide Ring, Wheel Hexagons, Camber Links, Drive Shafts etc.. are all made of super strong and ultra lightweight 7075-T6 aluminium.
       Optional Anti-Roll Bars feature all new zero-play design that uses precision ball bearings 
for smooth action and unbeaten efficiency.
       Super strong high carbon wishbones featuring straight design and 5 different shock positions.
       Optional range of wishbone mounts and shims for precise adjustment of roll centers, toe, anti-dive, 
anti-squat and track width. Also features adjustable camber, caster, droop and wheelbase.
       Front / Rear Width: 188 mm / 190 mm. Wheelbase: 258 – 260 mm. Rolling Chassis Weight: 452 gr.
       Car Kit does not include Body, Wheels, Tires, Motor, Battery & Electronics.

At Corally we use high-tech, quality engineering to provide you, the racers, with superior racing equipment. State of the art production methods and extensive R&D 
ensure that every Corally product sets the pace of development in the R/C competition world. We are not followers of fashion but leaders in innovation and development.


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