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1/10 Electric Powered R/C TRF414 Chassis Kit/Limited Edition

Collectors Item (0002) ! Nieuw / Brand New Ongebouwd / Not Build

Artikelcode: Tam 49132 TRF414

1/10 Electric Powered R/C TRF414 Chassis Kit/Limited Edition

About this  TRF414 Limitid Edition Kit number 0002 brandnew and unbuilt:

Based on its predecessor 414X, the suspension and chassis geometry have been improved.

Its roll center was slightly dropped down allowing for a lower center of gravity, and its wheelbase was extended by 2mm .
Wheelbase: 256mm, Overall width: 189mm (depends on wheels used). Weight fully equipped: approx. 1,470 gram.

Chassis features durable resin suspension arms, uprights, and knuckle arms ( 414X formerly aluminum) for reduced chassis weight.

Also, the symmetry of the upper deck was also changed to heighten cornering performance.
The front and center pulleys consist of one-way type; rear consists of Allu ball diff. type.

Kit comes with precisely constructed aluminum bulk-heads, front one-way, and center pulley.
Lightweight aluminum hexagonal hubs also included.
New anodized setting wheel.
0.4 Spur Gear (120T) and Pinion Gear (35T) included in set.
50473 High Torque Servo Saver, 53280 Super Low Friction Dampers, 53308 Aluminum Servo Stay, 53365 Aluminum Racing Steering, and 53388 Turnbuckle Tie-Rod Set are also included in set.
Newly developed anti-wear grease included.
TRF414 special logo sticker.
Black package comes with handle.
TRF logo and serial number plate (0002) included in kit for limited release certification.
Instruction manual includes exploded diagram instruction manual for easy assembly.

Attachment of the Spur Gear has been made more reliable.
Carbon Spur Gear Holder also included in kit.

Newly designed for the TRF414, Anodized Setting Wheel is both precise and attractive. 

Rear Uprights have also been changed from aluminum to resin material. Lower Arms are also made of resin, ensuring rigidity and lightening the weight under the springs. 

The aluminum Knuckle-Arm and C-Hub Carrier, as well as the nylon Lower Arm used on the TRF414X chassis have been converted to a reinforced resin compound. This provides incredible rigidity and lightens the weight under the springs, for superb cornering performance. 

€ 799.00


Collectors Item